Promethean ActivConnect G Series

The ActivConnect G-Series revolutionises the modern meeting room or classroom, creating a superior wireless presentation & collaboration environment.

NB* G Series only available with V4 Panel

The Android™ powered processor gives your ActivPanel tablet-like capabilities.

The G-Series enables wireless mirroring of mobile devices onto the ActivPanel. Instantly you can download and use your favorite apps from any Android App Store, launch the Instant Whiteboard to write or draw, and share content.

UPDATE 18th MARCH 2017

Several new features have been added to the ActivConnect G-Series, namely:

  • Dual networking: enables simultaneous access to separate teacher and student networks without the need for bridging
  • 2-Up device mirroring: enables up to two mobile devices to mirror content simultaneously to the ActivPanel and gives the user the ability to control the devices being mirrored
  • Promethean App Store: New educational K-12 apps have been added to the Promethean App Store as per recommendations from our Educational Consultants

The updated devices will start shipping from the factory beginning March 18th.

For current inventory (Promethean and Channel) and installed devices in the field, new updates to the ActivConnect G-Series can be accessed over-the-air (OTA) on March 18th.  The OTA update is a manual process and needs to be selected by the end user.